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Getting Involved

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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. Here are some ways that you can help make a difference.


We recognize that not everyone is able to make monetary donations, but perhaps you can volunteer your time and/or talent at an event? Volunteers are a vital component to any campaign!

Make a Donation

Here's how YOU can make a difference!
Make a monetary donation via these links or visit our "Links" page to purchase RSD awareness products. Some donations are tax deductible! Awareness items are also a great way to promote awareness as well as help fund finding a cure for RSD. (Please visit our "Links" page)
Other donation ideas include giving gift cards/certificates to Office Max, Staples, UPS Store, etc.  


RSDHope Group

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition

MI State Awareness Bill In Jeapordy
Michigan H.B. 5603 has passed the House of Representatives (CRPS
Education and Awareness Bill); but its future is in doubt.  The bill has been
tie-bared (attached) to another bill.  We are asking residents of
Michigan to contact Senator Bev Hammerstrom, chair of the Senate Health
Policy Committee to ask her to support the passage of H.B. 5603 as a
stand-alone bill-not attached to H.B. 4811.

Her e-mail is senbhammerstrom@senate.michigan. gov.   Her phone number
is 517-373-3543.

Thank you for help.

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