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On this page, we'll share with you our "Tips & Tricks" for coping with the trials of RSD. We hope you find something that works for you!

World's Softest Socks
These socks are getting rave reviews from customers all over! They are made by Crescent Inc. which has been in the hosiery business since 1902.
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Warm Water
Take a warm, (not hot), bath or shower to help relieve the pain and aches associated with RSD. Sometimes adding Epsom Salt or your favorite scented bath salts into the bath water is also soothing. For an added stress reliever, try lighting some candles and/or play soft music while bathing. but please remember to keep appliances FAR away from the water & the candles away from flammable materials. ;o)
If you're lucky enough to have access to a pool, taking a swim in a heated pool (86*F or higher) is also marvelous for relieving pain and provides excellent therapy! Some hotels and public schools  will let you swim for free. Just call ahead and ask! 

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