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About Us

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My name is Laurie, and I am the creator of RSD Angels.
First and foremost though, I am the mother of three children; 2 girls and 1 boy all of which bring me much joy and stress. ;o) I'm married to a man who, at first, seemed like he wasn't my type, but ended up being the other half that completes me.
Our oldest daughter, Britt, has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Her first "flare" was in  Feb. 2002. It took nearly 2 years of constant running from multiple doctors & hospitals to get a diagnosis and get started with treatment. The RSD started in her right knee and quickly spread throughout her body including her face and most recently, her eyes have been affected & subsequently diagnosed as such. We have been to over 20 specialists over the years, tried various treatments, and continue our search to find something that will put her RSD into remission until a cure is found.
RSD Angels main purpose is to spread awareness and provide various information. It was created on behalf of my daughter, my family, my extended RSD family, and my drive to help others who face this horrible disease. It will be a victorious day when I can shut this website down; that will mean that a cure had been found. :o)
*** We are currently not a non-profit organization though my goal is to make it one,  one day.


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